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LGBTQ Asset Map

The Greater Cleveland LGBTQ community has a proud history and a well-established network of support organizations. However, is the community aware of these assets? Are their needs being met? And what is the best path forward to ensure the answers to both these questions is a resounding "yes"?

Asset mapping relies on a core belief that good things exist in all communities and that a community’s assets become the building blocks for advancement. At the same time, asset maps can help us understand a community's unmet needs by identifying gaps.


Launched in early 2020, the Greater Cleveland LGBTQ Asset Map project is sponsored by Plexus and the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland and funded by the Cleveland Foundation. The research is intended to gain a better understanding of the community's assets and needs; all data will be made publicly available at the end of the study.


Get Involved!

We need your input and insight.

There are several ways to become more involved with the project, such as participating in a focus group, filling out the survey, or adding information to the asset map. If any of these interest you, please fill in your contact information by clicking the button below - once an opportunity to get involved is launched, we will let you know!

The Map

Know an LGBTQ place? Put it on the map! We are looking for LGBTQ-friendly, LGBTQ-owned, and LGBTQ-centric establishments, as well as LGBTQ service providers. If something doesn't fit into one of these categories but you feel it should be included on the map, please add it!

How to Add a Place

Click the green button below - it will redirect you to the Google My Maps page where you can start editing*. There are two ways to add a place on the map:

1. Use the search bar to find a specific place and click "Add to Map" at the bottom of its pop-up information, then add a short description by clicking the edit icon (looks like a pencil) in the same information box.

2. Find its location on the map yourself, click the "Add Marker" teardrop icon on the toolbar, then click on the location in the map. You can then add a title and description.

*You must have a Google account to edit the map; however, if you do not have one and would like to see a place added, please fill out the "Get Involved" contact form (above) and we will make sure it is included!

Advisory Group

Plexus LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland extend our thanks to the following individuals for agreeing to participate as study advisors - we absolutely could not do this without you, your time and input is so appreciated.


President, Cleveland Stonewall Democrats


Co-Founder, Cleveland Bi+ Network


Co-Founder, Sage & Maven, LLC


Education Manager, Cleveland Public Theater


Director, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation - Midwest Region


Coordinator, LGBTQ+ Student Services, Cleveland State University


Chairman, TransOhio Board of Directors


Co-Founder, FIT Technologies


Assistant VP, Inclusive Student Engagement, Cleveland State University


Community Educator/Recruiter, AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, CWRU